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Superhuman’s cocktail for Growth: If conversations in 2014 were all about Slack and its clones, come 2019 and the talk is all about an email client. Did you get any mails that had a Jan 19, 2020
Superhuman’s cocktail for Growth: Jan 19, 2020 If conversations in 2014 were all about Slack and its clones, come 2019 and the talk is all about an email client. Did you get any mails that had a SaaS Learnings Dec 27, 2019 I have started a couple of SaaS startups, consulted and worked with a few more over the better part of the decade and most of my Your first week as a PM Checklist Oct 28, 2019 It doesn’t matter if joined a new workplace, took on the responsibilities as a Product Manager for the first time A year of writing Sep 19, 2019 I remember it as if it was yesterday when I was still trying to find a good Wordpress theme. I decided that I would be finally 30 day challenges Aug 17, 2019 I had once heard that you typically over-estimate what you can do in a year and under-estimate what you can do in 5 year (or a decade) and I now Things that no one tells you about being a Product Manager Jul 20, 2019 Be a broken record! I usually tell folks I am an Accidental Product Manager and there are Obvious lessons I have learned over the years Jun 22, 2019 As I am writing this, I am hit with a realisation that in less than 2 months I will turn 23. I Going beyond step one! May 30, 2019 Its hard to admit a couple of things for me but one of the things I have come to terms with is acknowledging the flaw of me 2 Months with my iPhone XR: May 30, 2019 I recently picked up an iPhone XR and I just realised that I have been using it for nearly 2 month now as my Primary Device. Moving away from Xbox Game Pass - Game Requests Apr 25, 2019 It’s almost a year since I have been using Xbox Games Pass and lord knows how much I have saved over the course by A brief hiatus with someone I barely knew.. Apr 14, 2019 It was drizzling in an evening sometime this June or July where i found myself in a rather peculiar The simple truths for being a founder Mar 16, 2019 “Being a founder isn’t easy” is something that I heard a million times but did not completely understand the sentiment before I actually became Prepping for 2019 Dec 25, 2018 2019 is just a few days away and I ended up retrospecting my life, goals and the events that have got me through the year. Most of Scale of things that don’t scale Nov 29, 2018 One of the take aways from life, starting up, doing things that are damn serious about is doing them in a way that Escape Velocity and Products Nov 21, 2018 I still remember asking my physics teacher as to why can’t i throw my pencil into space when i was in 6th grade: That Show it, sell it; hide them, keep them Nov 5, 2018 The best product marketing campaigns follow a very simple road map: “Show it, sell it; hide them, keep them” The one that never was Oct 28, 2018 Naval Ravikant constantly talks about staying in the present and that strikes a chord with me all the time but there is just The Best Mac Apps that I use everyday Oct 21, 2018 An interesting conversation is around app discovery and is one I ended up having with some friends of mine My Notes from getting real Oct 19, 2018 I know I am late to the party but I recently gave Getting Real by Basecamp a read and I found myself rereading it like a The One That Didn't Workout Oct 18, 2018 The One That Didn’t Work Out Andrew Chen recently talked about “The One That Didn’t Work Out” on Twitter and the whole thread hit me. I could relate