This section is sort of a tl;dr version of what’s going on with me and my life in general. I don’t know why I wrote this but here are are the things that I’m upto right now:

Work: I work as a Product Manager at a Series A startup in Bangalore. I lead the product efforts on the consumer apps among other things, working with truly ambitious and talented folks.

Presonal Projects: I used to run TBG Labs and now its more of a testing and breeding ground for all of my personal, side projects. I aim to launch a project or two every quarter going forward, so if you are reading this keep checking this space for more details.

Books: Right now I have picked up the following (audio)books to read( or listen):

On Writing Well: If there was something I wished I could change about myself it would be my writing skills. So I picked this up, hoping to help me write well.

Principles by Ray Dalio: This is more of a re-read as I had skimmed through the book once. When I recently saw that they launched an app based on the book I was interested in re-reading this again to take the full advantage.

The Great Mental Models by Shane Parrish: If you get a chance to open my Mac, chances are Farnam Street is open on one of the tabs. I had to give this a listen plus the added motivation since I am trying to develop the habit of listening to audiobooks.

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