Show it, sell it; hide them, keep them

The best product marketing campaigns follow a very simple road map: Show it, sell it; hide them, keep them”

Show it : Optimize your marketing to get to the Aha, i knew this was a problem i have and this thing solves/improves it.”

Sell it: Sell them, the problem,culture or whatever your products/processes can do for them.

Hide Them: Hide your customers from other (hopefully inferior) ways of doing things.

Keep Them: Keep all of the core audience with you forever or till your product/brand/company stops care about the audience.

What will you now sell?What will you now sell?

Getting to this part is hopefully easy and not so confusing. A couple of side notes:

What you are selling can be anything and the value prop can be pretty subjective.

Value props:

Different Target Groups simply respond to different and (mostly) distinct props. It can be Price Points, Product Positioning, Process (too complex of a subject to write about here), Simplicity (of using it, migrating to and fro among many other things) and for any decent sized product (by $$$,no of customers, features and more) you will typically have a bit of all sprinkled all over your constraints.