The one that never was

Naval Ravikant constantly talks about staying in the present and that strikes a chord with me all the time but there is just one problem, a significant one at that. I love being in control and also I think a lot about past and the future. When was the last time you kept track of things? When was the last time you kept track of time? Time and Space are two things/constructs that have excited me by their properties that they run by / are made of.

5 Minutes Ahead and a Day behind5 Minutes Ahead and a Day behind

Being in the present is an extremely tricky thing to crack especially since skin in the game is the name of the game for me. I love risks, I love taking chances and I love endlessly hoping for a lot of things. My watch represents and reminds me of something that I base my life on. All of the watches I have are 5 minutes ahead of the actual time and One day behind the actual date. I tell myself everyday and every-time are that I need to out do everyone else because my clock runs 5 minutes ahead of everyone else’s. I also tell myself that I can take things less seriously when needed since I am running a day behind than everyone else’s. These are the lies that I believe in so much that I refer them to the ones that never was.