My gadget stashMy gadget stash I have loved reading the Life Hacker’s This is how I work segment a lot and have often looked up a lot of things to get inspired to spend money. I thought of adding a page on my blog that list my tools of trade.

Daily Gear:

  • iPhone XR (My New trusty daily driver
  • OnePlus 6 (Android Device of choice)
  • MacBook Pro 13’’ (Primary computer )
  • Go Pro Hero 7 Silver (Impulsive Purchase #1/n)
  • Apple Watch Series 3 (Impulsive Purchase #2/n)
  • iPad 2018 (Impulsive Purchase #3/n)
  • Xbox One S (This is where I get my gaming fix)s

Accessories I swear by:

  • Sony WH-CH500 Headphones
  • Ant Esports Mechanical Keyboard
  • Razer Death Adder Gaming Mouse
  • MacBook Air 13’ (Secondary/Backup Computer)

 Desktop Apps:

  • Slack: Duh, who doesn’t slack(off) in 2019
  • Chrome: I admit, I have tried Firefox and Safari but switching has been extremely hard for me :/
  • 1Password: Has all of my passwords, credit card details and other info that I don’t want anyone to get their hands on.
  • Ulysses : For every sort of file that uses markdown and for writing my blog posts.
  • Sublime Text : I have a strange affinity towards Sublime Text especially since its snappy and I have so many tabs open to write my thoughts, to-do’s and tinker around with code.
  • iBooks : I love the interface and I find myself using it for reading all sorts of epub files on all of my apple devices.
  • Bear: I have moved off Apple Notes and started using Bear on my Mac, iPhone and iPad and it just works.
  • Spotify: I prefer Spotify now even more since it has finally launched in India + they are focussed on Podcasts. So it’s two killing birds with a single stone for me.

Others: I frequently find myself relying on loads of different Devices, SaaS Products and Softwares. I will be updating this page as and when I make switches or just try out new things. Thanks for checking this out, also feel free to send recommendations for good Headphones my way!

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